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Mr. Bey Foods Corp is a branch of Mr. Bey Alimentos, a large manufacturer of frozen desserts in Brazil. Our offices are located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, with frozen warehouses in Miami, FL and Patterson,NJ. Mr. Bey Alimentos, which is our Brazilian headquarters, has over 200 employees in two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with a total area of over 50,000 square feet. This infrastructure allows us to ensure that we can keep up with our customers' demand both in Brazil and here in the States. We recently introduced our best selling dessert, a chocolate lava cake to the United States. Mr. Bey Alimentos has a portfolio of over 60 different frozen desserts, that will be introduced to the US market over time in the near future. Please check our current available items in the US.

We at Mr. Bey pride ourselves in delivering the most innovative and flavorful desserts made with the finest ingredients. Our mission is to offer you a high quality and reliable product, thus resulting in the ultimate customer satisfaction experience.

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Mr. Bey has received various recognition awards for its excellent state-of-the-art dessert products and execution of impeccable and reliable customer service.

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